Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kharif Beirut w rabi3 el cham (Autumn in Beirut and spring in Damascus)

Photo credit: Beirut Drive By shooting

First I joked about it, then I analyzed it marketing-wise, and now comes this! The recent commemoration of the passing away of Rafic Hariri and the ad that is connected to it.... First the ad in itself - well, at least here is some work over there as opposed to some of the blunders we have experienced in the past. Now the message: "if it wasn't for February, there wouldn't have been March, and if it wasn't for March, there wouldn't have been a spring"... Get it? If Rafic Hariri did not die on Feburary 14th, there wouldn't have been March 14th (the event and then the movement) and if it wasn't for that upheaval in Lebanon the whole Arab spring (and specifically the one in Syria) wouldn't have happened six years later (what were they doing in the missing years? How come they took six full years for the dominos to fall and for the impact to spread?)... What else? He also invented nuclear fission! People, stop overstretching the impact of something now stale and gone by.
Also, if you insist so much on a spring, remember the expression "autumn in Beirut and spring in Damascus" - so no wonder things are kicking on their side when ours has gone boring again!
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