Wednesday, January 18, 2012

USEK graduate - Antoinette Maghames

Antoinette Maghames created a new TV channel called “La2ale2” (which means pearls but also insinuates the word “la2la2a” or gossip in Arabic) which covers the news of the stars but like TMZ it does so from their closest and most trustable sources – her selling line is “Dourar al akhbar” (the jewels of the news). Antoinette goes on to create a full campaign based on the idea that nurses, waiters, lifeguards, housemaids, and even bodyguards are informants for La2le2 and even creates a full day of events headlined “not only walls have ears” which warns stars that their movements are tracked from the unlikeliest of sources. One of the programs she prosposes is "Zabet el mish zabet" (the officer in charge of what doesn't fit - or "Fashion Police")... Trust me, many stars were arrested!

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