Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baleha - The Lebanese Adbusters are on!

So Baleha exists! Finally someone thought about creating a local "Adbusters/Casseurs de pub" in Lebanon. Beirut/NTSC managed to meet with the creators of the movement – and boy do they have things in store for you! Everything from a "no TV day" to "no cellphone day" to "no car day" or "no spending day" – and the big novelty (which even the people from "Casseurs de pub" France envied them for) "no gossiping day" – since envy and gossip are at the root of every evil in the materialistic world. Their selling line is "wa2fe dod el e3len" (which is a twist on "time for a commercial
break" to become "time for a break of the commercial"). I must however stress that Baleha (even the name means "without it" but also "stupidity") is not about copycat ads but about someone trying to ring the bell on over-consumption and manipulation from the ad world. As a small scoop for my readers, there's also the full list of the spoofed logos of brands they intend to tackle! Between Beirut Drive By Shooting, Beirut/NTSC  and now Baleha, the world of advertising is suddenly under a lot of strain!

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