Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's a good one - I swear it!

I was enamoured by this ad. And for those of you who always accuse me of personal vandettas, I say it is done by Clementine, which means that I am not ashamed of saying a good ad is one when I see it. And this one is damn good! Actually, it is simply the first words of the military oath "I swear by the all-mighty God (to achieve my fullest performance to saveguard the flag of my country and in defence of my nation - Lebanon)." It is unsigned but it doesn't take a genius to figure out it is the army because of the backdrop cloth, and it is so eye-catchy due to the displaced typo which seems to invade the next panel giving it an air of mobility and suggesting there is a continuation for the words... Well done - now if only our independance was just as good!


Anonymous said...

Too much raving about nothing. I fail to see the genius here. What am I missing? And what's the reason behind cutting the sentence?

Anonymous said...

It's a smart way of saying the text doesn't end there. I like it! it's a matter of people understanding it... Put yeah I wouldn't call it genius either

Anonymous said...

Then again.. I can see how you would think that it's genius considering that ugly banner.