Friday, November 25, 2011

Dutch shorts and animations screening at Saifi Urban Gardens

You still have the chance to attend tonight!!!.... The Dutch screening of shorts and animations is taking place at Saifi Urban Gardens behind the Coral Station and the Lounge restaurant right at the beginning of the road leading you to Gemmayze (i.e. one street below it). The guys as the (soon to be established) Dutch Institute in Beirut (hello Taco and Michael) did a fantastic job selecting shorts and animations that do not need any dubbing or translation (all of them were based on music).
The total effect is charming, witty, eccentric - and frankly reminds me of Dutch people as all these qualities actually apply to them! - and some pieces still linger in the memory way after leaving the projection (I am thinking specifically of the touching existential "Dilemma" by Boris Paval Conen  and Børge Ring's  majestic "Anna & Bella" which won the academy award of 1985 for Best Short Animated Film).
So hurry up to get your piece of the action. Admission is free!

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