Tuesday, October 18, 2011

ABC turning 75.

The ABC mall is celebrating its diamond jubilee... 75 years and yes, still going strong. The campaign has been mostly internal so far, i.e. it did not hit the streets or anything. It's quite a sentimantal one, at times destined to the clients at large, at others to the company itself. It comes in two languages - and the Arabic is by far the strongest - as the English seems more of back-to-back translation and it stresses all the novelties that ABC has brought to Lebanon (the mini skirt, the toy train, the Dbayeh flagship store)... Of course it says nothing about the traffic jam it also introduced to the Lebanese (the famous "aj2et el ABC" which would clog whole lanes on the highway because people were all flocking to the ABC Dbayeh and had to turn at the same time to the right).... "3a2bel el miyye" and all that!

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