Thursday, August 4, 2011

A ride around town

Money Gram is offering a car in a lottery - the ad is a play on words about "where is your can" - with "win" meaning "where" and of course meaning the original English.... But my question is: When an incredibly large chunk of your clientele is made up on migrant workers wanting to send money home, why offer them a cumbersome car in a place that is not their homeland? It would only mean more cost, more spending, and less sending money abroad.
The other interesting ad is the of Nissan Micra with none else than Nancy Ajram in it! This a PERFECT MATCH if there was one in advertising. After having done Coca-Cola for many years (as the innocent, fresh, curvy girl required for the ad) Ajram who is now married and a mother of two could not keep the pretense and has graduated to a product which is really what she needs in her life. A small car to get around town with two babies in the backseat!... Whomever thought of this has my respect.

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