Thursday, August 4, 2011

Politics from around town

It's been a while since we saw dead people plastered on the walls of the city, but here comes the Syrian nationalist party to commemorate the death of Antoun Saade - its founder - on July 8th....
The army has been celebrating, as always, its anniversary on August 1st... Now it is the 66th commemoration... But frankly what's with Zeid Hamdan being arrested for a song he did a year ago called "General Suleiman" (what where they doing in the meantime? Checking his CD for subliminal messages?)... Beirut/NTSC will refrain from giving an opinion about the ad in question, after all I do not wish to end up in jail because there is a selective enforcement of the laws of the land.
And, last but not least, not happy with just defining territorial borders (and still mentally flirting with the idea of splitting up Lebanon perhaps) the Lebanese Forces go to own the airwaves with the first television on the internet in the land. Great, now all we have to do is find a connection good enough to watch!

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