Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mix and mismatch around town....

In case you missed it, nature is now in 3D... Or some other high definition performance format, otherwise, well one could simply interpret the Puk at at face value - they change their shape (but of
course with "same great taste" - they all say that!).
Hmm, and coming up shortly for Ramadan Carole Samaha managed to morph into Sabah (our "other" Lebanese diva in whose chorus a certain "Feyrouz" used to sing!) - read all the juicy gossip in the yellow press - me I am just commenting on how Carole Samaha used to be a great actress, but now has lost it because she is acting as "Carole Samaha"... Yes, in the past I have done a week-long shooting with her and she was fresh, innocent, funky, but also fat and chubby and totally complex-free... Somewhere along the line "something" went wrong. Or right... Depending on how you look at it.
The only reason I am including the sleep comfort ad is because it advertises water-proof indoor furniture... Do they know something I don't about global warming?
Ksara has a continuation of its "Every bottle tells a story" - except that they told the best ones last year which leaves you with the drunk gossip... And since they are no Hemingway the drunken rants in
question are no match to "the old man and the sea".
It's big, it's cream colored, it is egg based, and right there in your face.. And by God it is repulsive! Whomever did the Wadi El Akhdar new Mayo ad should be bannished from the advertising world, or should get promoted (apparently the worse ads you do the better your career chances are).
And for the last two ads? Well, I just love what they are selling - whatever it is. Name of creative director: Salavador Dali... :)

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