Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Out and about!

So what has been happening as of late?... Here's an idea. Now that the rebranding of AUH (American University Hospital) is complete into AUBMC (American University of Beirut Medical Center) they go on to say that "intensive care is not just a unit, it's an approach" - sure, they just HAD to get something from Getty Images to prove it... (by getty images I mean those images everyone uses and which turn out to be readily forgettable!).
For Cafe Super Brasil, who have capitalized on the fact that (up until yesterday) we had no government and therefore used an usher from the council of ministers to predict the future the marks left by the politicians (toubsir) the unipole goes "in every cup there is a story, and the coffee endures" (Ahwe dayme in Arabic is what is said at the end of a gossiping bonanza between women which litteraly means "may the coffee endure" but figuratively "let's do it again").
Hmmmm, and you thought you could celebrate the birth of the government with a fake cohiba? Think again with this warning from Casa del Habano... "Close, but not a cigar" as they say!
And then there is Debbas lighting with this "nocturne" ad - and if you think "cats' eyes" are not enough to help you bargain hunt, they come equipped with additional light bulbs!

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