Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Marie-Claude Abi Khalil - USEK graduate

Marie-Claude may be thin enough to hide behind her finger, but that's exactly what she advises us not to do!... Marie-Claude created an art therapy center called ALTERed EGOs, packages it under the motto "the backstage of awakening" (the majestic "kawaliss al yakaza" in Arabic!) and tries to convince people not delude themselves and to face their loved one's illnesses (from anorexia, to autism, etc…). Her therapeutic program is called "ta3bir li 3oubour" ("expressions of a passage" or the transformation of altered states).  It is a pity, on this website, I cannot post the full projects of these talented people because sometimes in their creative media or tv ads they came up with strokes of genius…. Cokie (That's her nickname!) included.
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