Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fady Chahine - USEK graduate

How can one speak of this project? YES, Fady has picked Beirut/NTSC as his graduating project. If you want to think it is a case of nepotism, favoritism and corruption, I advise you to look at the exceptional project he has managed to come up with before. The selling line he picked is “el 2ossa kella, ihtairaman la zakek” (which means “the whole story out of respect for your intelligence”). Then Fady goes on to dissect Beirut/NTSC under several axis. First, it is the blog that decorticates political propaganda. So every political party got bashed in the process. In addition, dictators get some anti-privileged treatment (How about this line “haseb wa… sa2el el e3lam” which original means “make the media accountable” but also, when fragmented means “demand accountability and question what the media gives you” (just by splitting up the word “wasa2el”)…
Then he says that Beirut/NTSC does settle for the obvious or the easy (“Ma mnerada bel hayyen”) which is why not only do we solve Rubik cubes, but also we do Sudoku within every square!... In addition, if you think we are easy on the brands, well – we aren’t! Which is why we dare say the story behind every brand “out of respect for your intelligence”.
It is a pity I cannot paste the whole project here. Suffice to say that, as patron of this project academically, and as its “client” in real life – it was such an honor to have been part of this process with Fady.

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