Thursday, March 3, 2011

The landscape in the city....

So here they are - the culprits on the road have now their mug shots.... Spinney's has "burned the prices" - does it deserve to be "toasted", "fried", or the "toast" of the town?... I thought the burn/toast analogy was too facile, but damn me, they got away with it and the ad makes for nice visibility.... Another proof that sometimes even common ideas can end up looking catchy.
03/788551 - this is the number of the company that sends you SMS about ads, stuff and things you will never need. They are so organized that within 2 minutes, I am the potential Jaguar client, and the BHV 80% deal scrambler!... I wonder if their own number is in their database. Oh, and while I am slaughtering them, did you notice that "50% off this moUnth" offer?
Freez from Kassatly Chtoura has a new flavor: Strawberry. And for them, like the song, "strwaberry is very, very extraordinary"... I have used the same line in 2003 for the Mercedes E class (E is very, very extraordinary) which made the Mercedes showrooms sell 3 units in one day... So do I like it? Hmmm, it rings so close to home I am not really able to decide.
Frank Wurst - not the man, the hot dog - has my utmost admiration... I really like those ads they put on the side of their trailers.... Well, they are not the first to use the trick (a fancy Italian marble company once placed an ad that said "great products do not need taglines" or the afore-mentionned BMW "!!!!!" ad) but it works every time I guess.
And what's this ad for a party doing here? Nothing, a cheap self-promotional stunt. I am providing the visual art for the party... :) So mark your calendars (but don't expect to see me there, it would be way past my bed time!)

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Danielle said...

Can't think of any thing but that BMW ad..perfection.