Friday, January 28, 2011

Round up from the streets

So if you thought that the political situation is the only thing developing in Lebanon, well - watch this space. Or better, read it. First BLF continues it series of age-targeted financial products (as if youth needed more financial corruption). The idea is interesting (what's in the box?) but frankly the whole thing is too pixelized it seems he has fake boobs or something!....
Then we continue the yearly commemorations of dead people, this time it is Elie Hobeika - what's interesting is that dead people seem to get younger by the year!... Every year, an older photo is fetched. In addition one of Hobeika's quote about "Christians being from the heritage of this orient and in the heart of its future" which is pretty cool as a statement but is a far cry from Bachir Gemayel's "we are the devils of this orient and its saints, its light and scorching fire." (When it comes to propaganda, the Christian far right were pretty good at slogans!)
Moving on to one one of the stupidest celbrity-poduct associations in ages (yes, even stupider that Neshan and the anti-drug campaign). How can an obese comedian do an ad for a "healthy" dairy product is beyond me! Not only this, with his over-exposure Fadi Raidy (who also, apart from spoiled kid Pippo character shown in the ad, also has Fadia el Cherre2a) has become more famous that the brands he is supposed to promote so much that people say "that ad with Fadi Raidi in it" rather than remember the brand. Oh, and the TVC is even stupider than the billboards!
Then IPT gas station teams up with McDonald's for "a better future" - a better future for whom is not indicated - we suspect that some medical union has seen a drop in patients so they decided it was about time to move in.
However, it was this sign at the Starbucks in Sassine in Achrafieh that got my attention - nothing stupid as "renovating for your convenience" - they went pretty creative and said "We're refreshing your store"... I really like it, someone, somewhere was high on caffeine... And it worked.

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Danielle said...

There is always something of interest going on in this country! So tired of seeing these horrible ads though..really!