Friday, January 7, 2011

Not all martyrs are created equal.

Photo credit unknown
Lately, I have come to think of the young Tunisian man Mohamed Bouazizi who died after protesting against unemployment despite him being a university graduate. What has puzzled me the most is the quasi total indifference his death has been met with. He died for a worthy cause, he went all the way to support his beliefs, and yet - no one gave a hoot. Rewind to Neda Agha-Soltan - the Iranian protester whose death has prompted people throughout the world to wear T-shirts, organize demonstrations, change the color of their twitter page, and participate in the media-orchestrated movement.
I am not here either to defend the Tunisian or the Iranian regimes, I am just here to comment about whether the death of a martyr deserves to be highlighted or whether it ends up being just a faceless person who was just fighting for democracy and other ideals - but sadly not in a worthy country of international attention.
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