Friday, December 3, 2010

Moukarzel Jewelry imitating Nina Ricci: "J'ai envie" de "voler"

Photo credit: F.S.
So the new Clementine ad for Christmas for Moukarzel Jewerly is a total theft from a previous Nina Ricci  ad (for "Nina" de Nina Ricci)... The photos above show how frame by frame the original ad was spoofed for Moukarzel. I am indebted to F.S. for showing me this (Santa's little helper)... Seriously people - some of us are on the lookout, some people have culture, memory, and are learned - so we are not easily deceived anymore.... The final tagline for Moukarzel goes "J'ai envie"... "I am in the mood for..." what? Theft?
Get real. Get a life. And get some REAL creativity while you are at it....
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