Friday, December 3, 2010

Inter/Sect (Release 1/10 by 7Upstairs Publishing)

These 12 monologues are based on Tawfiq Yusuf Awad's masterpiece "Tawahin Beyrouth" (lamely translated as "Death in Beirut") - in order to understand what made someone like Tamima Nassour tick and take the crucial decisions she has taken one has to understand her personality
as viewed from 12 different points of views. Discussing terrorism, women's rights, honor crimes and a variety of hot topics, I am proud to have interpreted the book from this fresh perspective. I am indebted to Marylin Daibes for doing the layouth (although the cover artwork is mine - no designer in his right mind would do such a thing!). Individual copies of the book might be requested by sending an email to me.
To see the book click here.

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