Thursday, November 18, 2010

The 8th wonder and Hamra Cafe

Ah! So they've done it again!.... Wondereight teams again with Boubess group (Bob's diner, Laziz and now Hamra Cafe) for a mouth-watering super execution. When I published the 500th post of this blog, I got a comment from Boudy Narala which went "Congratulations on your 500th post! Keep butchering the agencies and no worries at all ;-))) if we get butchered we deserve it!" All I can say Boudy is - with such wonderful work you guys are producing in terms of branding and image for your clients, there's no way on earth you guys can be butchered. Pity there was a silly waiter at Hamra Cafe who came up with the rule that "photographing was forbidden." Still, the sous-plat above is a perfect example of how Wondereight got Hamra right! Don't let the light going "red" (Hamra) stop you, just go right ahead!
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