Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lost, found, sort of.

As speculated in the earlier post, this was not a real missing ad but rather one for the Act for the Disappeared. I can't say I like the way this is going. First there was the ad "Who killed Samir Kassir? We will reveal the killer in a few days" the revealer was "Samir Kassir's pen killed him. Freedom of the Press day." That too I didn't like. Although I support both causes strongly, I think this is the kind of ads that is pushing me not to participate in these manifestations. Thanks Joseph for showing me the facebook link.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tareq

Although you may not participate I will with the hundreds of people who are now aware about the cause. I think it was the best medium and the best way to show that it is still an urgent matter to the mothers who are still waiting for their kids to come back home and who are sitting in front of Esqwa since 2005 without anyone listening to them.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative made me stop and look!

Anonymous said...

hahaha I love anonymous comments, especially with the following words:

- creative (or very creative)
- Good work
- defensive words like "although"...
- I like it
- esQwa
- I love it
- Cannes (ads-of-the world style)

The comments always have the smell of agencies, maybe it is just a coincidence, maybe not!

Oh by the way, this comes from the FB page:

"parents with a missing child will devote all their time in order to find him
even if they have to answer thousands of calls each day
this is rediculious"

"actually, the picture was changed, it said just missing before not more, & there were comments earlier on this wall from people saying help us find him as if they were family members, they are no longer there! so pretty misleading.."

"and to the admin. of the group>>>
ma fina n2ol 2illa 2inno l fekra ka marketing is amazing,,,
bs ma be3te2ed 2inno kan sa7i7 2iste3mel hek 2islob ma3 l nas,,,"

"then it's the wrong medium to use this strategy...wrong crowd!"

" I'm leaving this group (N) very bad idea!!"

" that was a really bad joke...
bad teaser
u were trying to get people's half of them are leaving this group..."

Sorry guys, better luck next time

(oh usually anonymous counter-comments are from other agencies, what if it was an inside job?!)

Anonymous said...

Well said Tareq.

I felt the same way but I couldn't quite express it and I must say you took the words out of my mouth.

I was afraid my comment would be biased since it reminded me of a [fictional] human trafficking campaign I've created before. And I believe a colleague of mine is working on this campaign, so it might be inspired by it....

BUT, the similarity could be coincidental and I'm not really calling it a rip-off or anything. They are very different concepts.

Here it is anyway:

'A sticker to be glued on bathroom mirrors in bathrooms around the city. The viewer would see themselves a victim of Human Trafficking bringing them awarness of the issue.'


Anonymous said...

:) Joseph you do know that its the basic missing
format so they are bound to be similar..

But i like your idea its nice.. good luck!


Anonymous said...

Samar, well aware. :D

Thanks though ^_^


Anonymous said...

To anonymous nbr 2 : thanks :) i appreciate it

To anonymous nbr 3:

"This comes from the facebook page!

I like it !!! Very Creative campaign!!

great could i help??

how could we help?

How could one actually help?

you hypocrites... you condemn the founders of the group because not only one child disapeared but 17000! hyprocrites...
Thank you admins!

excellent concept for this campaign ! keep up the good work"

So anonymous nbr 3 thanks for wishing me good luck and btw it was not done by an agency