Monday, July 19, 2010

Wakanda - wow can do...

Newcomer production agency Wakanda Films makes a big splash for its entrance in the Lebanese advertising market... Already, working on stiff products can be quite tricky, but working team behind Wakanda (which includes director Lara Saba and DOP Michael Lagerwey) did a wonderful job for the Zwan Luncheon meat "Tfaddalo" concept. Not only they have enlivened an originally dull story board, but they actually made it lovely to see - Saba's casting and Lagerwey's handling of the Red camera shine as a combination. Apparently even the 3D effects were done in house.
Beirut/NTSC loves the "Tfaddalo" selling line (which roughly translates into "be our guests"), and knowing from experience how many conflicting opinions must have contributed to this (client, mother company, advertising agency, passers by on the street) it is a small wonder that the whole thing came out cohesive.... Now, rumors are being spread that there is a war coming in September, so you know what brand of luncheon to pick prior to going to the shelter!
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