Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Peel off a building and what do you get?....

... You get a full swastika!... The rate of demolition of buildings in Achrafieh is stagerringly high, I am not here to discuss urban planning or whatever, but when you peel off a building (next to Sagesse School) the deep old secrets of the past come creeping out. In this case, someone painted a full swastika (with laurels and all) on the innermost and invisible wall of his balcony (or perhaps room as walls of all buildings have been known to sometimes be the same). But now the secret is out - not that the person who perpetrated the deed cares - he must have gotten some fat compensation from a developer and moved to a bigger apartment in Mansourieh or wherever.... Now I wonder which buiilding in Mansourieh is currently being painted with a remannt of a regime long gone-by!
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