Wednesday, June 23, 2010

(RE)Archewallogy and Masmou7 lasek al e3lanat from 7UPstairs publishing

Welcome to the new 7UPstairs publishing release, a year later what do the walls of Beirut tell us? Come and find out more in the new 293 page release (featuring a 10 page spread of exclusive collaboration with graffiti-hip hop crew Ashekman) and many more gems. Farah Samman is at the helm of the design once more and manages to outbeat the original book design (something incredibly difficult to do).
As for the usual video clip which is usually released with every book, well, you're in for a super treat: I have gathered the best and most memorable advertising jingles from the Lebanese archives and put them in a monologue which is delivered by illustrator-copywriter-actress Deborah Phares entitled "Masmou7 lasek al e3lanat" (think Pampa, Top Juice, Paul Jardin, Gelati Cortina, Reovac, Kassatly Chtroura all in one place).
The video which is edited by Fayad Saab very much in video art style focuses on the concept of Zapping. After all, we do not ask "what's on TV" but "what ELSE is on TV" and playing with the remote control has become a national habit!
As Lebanese people we argue about Dabke, Feyrouz, politics, football... but we all seem to agree on Tapirama.
Well, now that the work is done, the dues paid, I urge you once more to share this work which is freely available online. Considering this is a self-financed effort, please share this on facebook, twitter, whatever else social media. As things stand, this might be the last Archewallogy product you will see in a long time!
Enyjoy and spread the word!
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