Sunday, May 9, 2010

If further proof was needed.....

If further proof was needed that brilliant advertising related to politics (note I did not say political advertising as it is an oxymoron in Lebanon) does not win elections, this incredible ad by the opposing list (actually the exiting list) of Jounieh did not secure them victory. The ad says: "The road of dignity passes through Jounieh" - a direct reminder of Abou Ayyad's famous words when Alia Solh told him in an interview that "the road to Palestine does not go through Sabra and Shatila" to which he retorted "the road to Palestine goes through Jounieh". Jounieh being a city north of Beirut, and Palestine being west of it, the implications were clear to his intentions towards Lebanon at large. So by taking that infamous statement and throwing it under a positive light, whomever did that ad, scored big in terms of creative genius. This did not translate into the ballots though!
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