Thursday, April 29, 2010

Britsh self-made elctroal posters

Respectively: Keith Mottram, Guy Denning, Martin Parr, Richard Wentworth, Sam Dahl, Tim Bradford.

Art lovers will only recognize one name here, celebrated photographer Martin Parr, the rest are amateur artists who submitted their own works to The Guardian newspaper which initiated a contest on alternative posters than those done by official campaigns. Parr et al, were asked in a different article what they would have done.

Without going too much into local politics in Britain I can say that Mottram was trying to draw attention that Britain still has an unelected leader (the monarchy), Denning took on the famous campaign "Labour isn't working" (By Saatchi&Saatchi for Margret Tatcher), Parr was trying to ask what happened to voting in favour of the whole country, Wentworth suggested that even by being born a person is already thrown into a political climate (with birth labour being also the name of a party), Dahl was lamented the whole "game show" ambiance of the elections, and Bradford was questionning the whole laid back effect of the electorate regarding the elections and taking the whole process for granted.

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