Monday, February 1, 2010

Round up - Round down

Radio Station Sawt al mada (With mada meaning "horizon" or something of the sort) has gone bonkers with its new campaign "Let's get MadA" - cute, but just like Al Hadaf, I wonder what it means!.... And then comes Exotica trying to sell its flowers for Valentine's day but focusing on the "Miss(ed) occasion of 2009" (Whereby people have to make more effort this year to catch up... But it isn't clean who is to do that effort - her or him). Then, as even good things must come to an end La CeDetheque is closing its doors - the alternative music store, the anti-Virgin is now closing. For Christmas they headlined "Last Christmas at la Cedetheque" and now "the final countdown" (The first is a reference to the Wham song and the latter to the Europe mega-hit), so when it comes to going - at least they are doing it in style.
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