Thursday, January 28, 2010

It might be legal, but it isn't fair....

The unmask the truth campaign is something I saw in the US and wanted to comment on. In the US law there is a loophole that allows US sparkling wines to be called "Champagne" which is a misuse of the appelation because Champagne refers to a geographical region in France rather than a category of wine in general... This being said, I am not going to go into the "Coke/Carbonated drink" or "Kleenex/Tissue paper" debacle, but I thought the campaign of "unmask the truth" was interesting however, I still think the original tagline "It might be legal, but it isn't fair" a much better one. Some thing it is on the defensive and victimizing side, but I thought it truly touched the nerve that exceptions do not make the rules.
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