Monday, July 20, 2009

Summertime and the advertising is easy....

Strange how flat this post-elections phase is!... Very few campaigns, and even less that are interesting. Yet, here's a small round up!... Al Balad newspaper has a new campaign whereby the country (Also the name of the newspaper) without "colors" (In reference to the colors of the political parties) is "clearer", "cleaner" etc..... Which I totally agree with - but the question is: Why does Al Balad need this campaign? Is it going to black and white? If not, why else? Then comes Ksara with "Every bottle tells a story" - with marriages, homecomings, and all that... Well, at least they ditched the usual earth colors. But still there is a long way to go for wines to break free from the mould they created for themselves. Last is that billboard by Progress Gold, which is lame but serves to illustrate a point - the days where billboards are a snapshot from TV commercials are long gone... In the very cute TV commerical, the build up between the two boys is impeccable. The older seems to think that he is drawing the cup by the power of his mind, and only later do we understand that the younger brother is the one moving the table cloth... In the billboard, is just a sorry image of the revealer which is just plain boring.

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