Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Last days of pre-election propaganda

The photo shows the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement Michel Aoun and one of his top aides (Issam Abou Jamra currently running in the first department of Beirut) - also a high ranking officer in the army back then (Aoun went on to become head of the army) shaking hands with the Israelis in 1982 after the invasion of Beirut. I wonder what the purpose of the image is considering that the Lebanese Forces still brag about their Israeli connections. If this is to discredit Aoun's current alliance with the Hizbullah, then someone should remind the Lebanese Forces and the Phalangists that it was them who invited the Syrians into Lebanon in the first place (With women throwing rice and flowers at them on Nahr el Kalb upon their entrance).
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