Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Established in 1908 by the Ottomans the Sanayeh Garden is one of the last resorts in the Beiruti urban concrete jungle, until some stupid imbecile thought about turning it - along with the two other gardens left in the city - into car parks due to their prime location (Typical of right wing economists such as PM Fouad Siniora to think in such lines although I am not accusing him personally). A sit in was going to take place on May 30th to save the garden something that happened - depending on whom you believe - either by visiting the head of the Beirut Municipality of MP Saad Hariri. Considering that by the latest count Lebanon still has only 8% of green space (Down from 53% in the late 50s) and the figure includes the graveyards (Believe it or not) killing the last urban meeting places for people amoung trees is truly a blasphemy.
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