Tuesday, June 23, 2009

General Purpose ambient brilliance

First, let me say what a relief it is to go back spotting ads which do not sell electoral promises or candidates!.... And it is a welcome change to see all those summer offers, trips, cruises, discounts and whatever have you. Top of the class in the post-elections ad goes for this ambient media for Jeep (Which originally meant General Purpose) with the slogan "Go anywhere, do anything" I first dismissed the ad as some passable shot at entertainment when I first saw it from afar - but as I passed next to it on perpandicular angle - there it was, a FULL car hanged on the wall of the mall!..... They've been there, they've done that, and they got the ad to prove it. I once read in a photographers' magazine that to explain the angle of a photo one needed to take a tree in it (As trees always grow upright), in today's urban environment, I took a street lamp (As street lamps - like trees - grow upright!) to indicate the fact that the car was hanging totally from the wall.... With the Gargour showroom right across the street from the mall, one must expect people flocking to me get them one of these (Only to use it to go back and forth to the mall, naturally!).

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