Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Into the valley.... bethroted and divine

And so it is the Bequa'a valley again, this time with the "Ketleh Chaabiyeh" and the lyrics of 80s rockers skids... "Into the valley... Bethroted and divine..." Their billboards are litterally all over the place, but one must admit that the punchy message is there to be delivered. After claiming "to be at the service of the Bequa'a for 84 years" they entice their supporters to "make those who robbed you accountable," and assuring them that "your ballot breaks corruption", and that "Zahle's pride is not for sale" and then eventually revealing that "the real truth will be revealed on the 7th of June" election day that is - this last line refers to the word "truth" which has been the trademark of the Future Movement which was in search of the "truth" behind the death of Rafic Hariri. One funny poster says "Right is with you, don't sell it." Another, not depicted above goes "Every child is born with 17,000 USD of debt to the state of corruption" a figure which is calculated by dividing the national debt over the population. The Ketleh Chaabieh are running against the March 14 candidates who seem to be spear headed by Nicolas Fattoush (I stand to be corrected on this information) whose website is all about the region and in extenso about himself. I was severely impressed by the tone of voice he used and am still waiting for the official website to send me his ads to review them because frankly, whereas I think they are very catchy and interesting creatively, the fact that they refer to a political campaign is so much in the background that it is barely visible - which made me miss them altogether.
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