Monday, October 20, 2008

Nando's and the timeless timely creativity

Nando's has done it again! Beirut/NTSC is a fan of its ads (And at times, of its food).... Considering that lately, the ministry of interior has decided to enforce the driving rules including wearing a seatbelt, not talking on the cell or eating while driving, so Nando's issues an "official decree" whereby out of concern of the sadness (And even depression) that the new law has caused people, it has decided to open a new branch on the Zalka highway to cater for drivers wishing to console themselves about not being able to eat while driving. But it is the punchline that makes the ad so brilliant: Ma tekol zabet, kol Nando's (Don't have a traffic ticket, have a Nando's). It is the perfect example of something that is the product of specific circumstances (i.e. the sudden enforcement of the driving rules). Which reminds me of another great ad by Cyprus airways. At the time the airways were marketing themselves in Lebanon as being very close to Lebanon (Only 30 minutes by plane) so they launched a full campaign which said "The cedars 120 minutes, Cyprus 30 minutes" or "Baalbeck 160 minutes, Cyprus 30 minutes". And so on the day the first report of the UN sent International Inquiry Committe in the murder of ex-PM Rafic Hariri, and knowing how tense the country was on that day and that the committee was headquartered in Monte Verde, the ad ran as "Monte Verde 45 minutes, Cyprus 30 minutes." And yes, so timely creativity can do wonders indeed!
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