Monday, October 20, 2008

It IS time indeed... for smart social awareness

Social awareness is such a dilemma in Lebanon, either it is played with melodramma and therefore only stings on the second without leaving impact, or it is played too matter-of-factely and therefore ends up lacking the emotional appeal for the target audience. Enter the new campaign for the early detection of breast cancer. Its gimmick is so simple, it makes it bewildering! Mind you, in an oriental society, advertisers have to talk about breast cancer without showing breasts due to social sensitivity. Last time, the images of two round candles (One of them being put out of light) was shown, this time, the expression used is the Arabic "An Al Awan" which translates into "It is time!"... But the beauty of it is that the letters N in Arabic actually make the shape of the women's breasts.... I am not sure if the copywriter came up with it, or the art director or how the creative process happened, because this is basically a slogan and a visual all rolled into one. And, it is so smart, women might actually respond to it.
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