Wednesday, April 23, 2008

From A+ to C-

The above is a round up of ads plastered on various media (unipoles, billboards, or even annoucements boards). Some of them work, others much less so. The top of the class is the new TNT courrier ad to celebrate their new agent. Just a few unipoles were taken and a box with the usual "fragile" sign (A broken glass which represents shipping) transformed into one full of wine (Or some other liquid (Not broken one has to emphasize the safety) with "congratulations:" underneath.
Next in line comes "Cortas" the canned food company which is trying to emphasize its global presence with a slogan that roughly translates into "You mean the world to me".... The blue color however is too "medical/pharmaceutical" to be correlated to food.
Exotica follows up its brilliant mother day ad with "Balconies" - a double entendre between women's cleavages and the actual architectural structures. Works to a varying degree.
Nescafe Gold Blend attacked the market - simultanuously with Maxwell house - on the "savour the moment" with the headline "Shine" (Above is the Arabic version). I found the ad not to shine and not to sparkle.
One last amusing photo was taken at a university where Holcim a major cement company (And a polluter if one is to be honest) had an open day with the slogan "Holcim waits for you" underwhich a student (who most likely did not want to end up like his father working there for the rest of his life) scrambled - "Let it wait".... So much for corporate communication!
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