Monday, February 4, 2008

Is it a crime?

And here we go again! The Valentine's day massacre (No, not that of Al Capone, but rather of our own slain ex-prime minister) goes again. For its third year, Hariri supporters were smart enough not to call for demonstrations - at this stage such demonstrations would only prove how lacking in popularity. It is the exact analogue of the United States post-9/11.... A huge capital of affection and sympathy squandered by a total lack of strategy. And a huge need to take revenge. And a complete amateurism in politics. And a very fierce religious ideology.... Hmmm, all those attributes belong to both - the American policy and whomever's running the Hariri show. The novelty this year, is attributing to a dead man anything from taking the Syrians out, to fighting terrorism, to - who knows - a miraculous cure of AIDS based on banana peels. It is a crime done to the memory and the legacy of the man... What's not a crime, however, seems the savings one can do in City Mall. After the major Christmas blunder campaign (Nothing will ruin my Xmas) at least they redeemed themselves with this one). And it's no crime to redeem one's self.
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