Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nevermind pitying THIS nation!

"Pity the nation...." who hasn't read this discourse from Gebran Khalil Gebran's "Prophet"... There was one brilliant moment in Lebanese history when - love him or loathe him - came an unmatched orator who even managed to add a meaningful sentence to it: General Michel Aoun, who at the time was head of the military cabinet in 1989. The sentence he uttered was "Pity the nation that scrifices its youth for the sake of its elderly" (Wayloun li oummatin todahhi bi chababiha min ajli chibiha)... Now, several years down the line the Otv - Aoun's official TV - which is launching its first ever grid of programmes came up with an ad campaign nothing short of genius: In their fiction work about Gebran himself entitled "The rebel angel" they headlined "Pity the nation that watches for what it does not produce." An attack to subtle on all those betting on Egyptian and Syrian drama in addition to Mexican dubbed telenovelas (And believe it or not, Korean ones!).
The other program is called "Al hakika" (The truth), ever since the assassination of late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri on February 14th 2005, the word in itself has been monopolized by the Hariri backers (The political current that opposes with Aoun daggers drawn - hopefully so far a metaphoric sentence rather than a real discription (Albeit with some exceptions to some sporadic incidents)), and so with the Otv reclaiming the word - and I bet giving it a new meaning, one cannot but sigh at the smartness of it all.
Pity the nation? No, not really, save it for another one that doesn't have such brilliant minds at work!
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