Monday, April 2, 2007

The votes are out....

Finally, there's something to talk about!... There's a new campaign for the modernization of the electoral law in Lebanon. Before anything else, let me point out that in Arabic the words "acting" and "representation" are the same. That being said, the ad. is a spoof of those 70s shows that used to be produced by TeleLiban (Lebanon's official - and for a long time - exclusive TV station), in which actors would be "overacting" compulsively to get the message across. Not only this, the decor would be cheapo versions of actual houses, and the languange would be litterary rather than slang Arabic (To be able to sell it to gulf TVs which had no productions of their own!).
The main twist lies in the choice of the leading actress Janah Fakhoury who is a veteran of TV shows back in that era. Simply seeing her talking in linguistic Arabic brings back memories of other such shows. And although she's a gutsy actress, watching her act so pathetically only adds to the intrigue of the developing ad.
The plot lies around a family of four - naturally the parents, the son and the daughter - who are debating the elctoral law while acting in a very ridiculous way. Right before the packshot the whole family agglomerates around Fakhoury who addresses the camera by saying "Is there no end to this show?"...
The last headline is by itself capable of selling the whole ad: "For the acting (Representation) to be correct, we need a new modern electoral law".
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