Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Politico-math for dummies.

OK, so we have the 14 March movement (Pro-American, by and large), and the 8 March (Pro-Iranian for clarity despite internal fragmentation). And now, 11 March pops up its head. It claims to be non-political, concerned about Lebanese state of the economy, pro-labor and "common people" (Are they saying "Fanfare for the common man" or "common as muck"?), but it all boils down to this: New TV's Tahsin Khayyat's clique - including Merhi Abou Merhi, his son in law. Still, not here to debate semantics. Just advertising.

March 11, went on a heavy campaign which stemmed from the idea that the center point between 14 (March) and 8 (March) is 11. And from there on, they initiated white billboards with two people symbolizing the 11, with each one of them taken from one "opposing camps", and with headlines such as "We want to live together" or "Together hand in hand", or "We had enough of colors" (In reference to the flagship colors of yellow/orange for March 8, and predominately blue for March 14 - which correspond respectively to Hezhollah/Free Patriotic Movement and "Tayya al Moustaqbal"). I think where 11 March hit it right with their - relatively lame advertising - was using the Arab idiom "Moderation (Or center-point) is the best practise" (Khayr al oumour awsatouha) in reference to them being the "center" between 14 and 8.

The latest burst of advertising by March 11 - reimphasizes the white background (Remember, they had enough of colors, right?) and headlines "Meet us in Nejmeh Square in Beyrouth, to have lunch and scream Lebanon won't die" - it's long, verges towards silly and the words "beyrouth" and "die" actually rhyme in Arabic, but it took Beirut/NTSC a whole week to figure that out.

All while continuing the math lesson in Lebanese politics, adding 14+8= 22, and November 22 is Lebanon's independance day - which prompted the Lebanese Army to use this equation in its advertising which it ran for Independance Day.

Now, if someone is to devide 14 and 8 just to let us live in Peace.
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