Wednesday, October 7, 2015

SGBL confusing positioning #hardtobelieve

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So the #hardtobelieve was an SGBL campaign after all, only a bank or an insurance related to a bank could have afforded the massive teasing campaign which happened. But here is the issue, not so long ago SGBL also did a massive campaign to introduce its new selling line "we stand by you". Then did another huge campaign to change it to "let's get things moving", and now - this. The bank is running in too many opposite directions marketing wise, sometimes pure English and other times Arabic (agree who your target audience is and the language would follow!), then so many changes in the line - is "we stand by you" still valid? If it is keep it on all adds and consequently what happened to "let's get things moving"? - and now this campaign all over the place. I am not one to take loans from banks or whatever, so these campaigns do not interest me in content, but marketing wise this is too haphazard...

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