Monday, October 5, 2015

Laure-Maissa Fargelat from LBN speaks to this blog!

Laure-Maissa Fargelat, marketing director of Lebanon Business Network spoke to this blog in her professional capacity. "The Lebanese people are well known, among thers, for their entrepreneurial spirit and their strong emigration culture. What if we could build on these specific characteristics to turn them into assets for the country?" Indeed, it seems like a simple idea and one way or the other, has not been done before.
Fargelat adds that "a new and unique business networking site, called Lebanon Business Network – LBN – strives to gather all Lebanese entrepreneurs, business people, and companies, whether based in Lebanon or abroad, on the same online platform. The aim is to form an international business network for the sake of Lebanon and of the Lebanese people." The website in question is easy to navigate, but, perhaps like most other corporate entities suffers from stock image presence, Chinese "professionals" who register randomly and a little "coldness" in the design. However, with the support of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, Lebanon News, and Berytech, the venture seems to be on a sure footing.
Fargelat adds that "simply put, it’s all free, you register, you edit your profile, you post leads and media to promote your company and the products and services you are offering, you look for partners who could help you grow your business, you contact them and you expand your activity this way! You’re not only benefitting from the platform professionally but also, you ultimately contribute to Lebanon’s economic development through the transfer of know-how, knowledge and sometimes through direct investment in the country."
She even gives a small advice to all potential people and companies: "You can have a closer look at the platform here: and register, whatever the sector you are working in and your country of operation. Considering the success of some Lebanese companies and business people, there might well be the next global business opinion leader on LBN and you don’t want to miss him/her!"
So there, a new platform is indeed born, and some of the companies who already registered are of high caliber.

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