Saturday, October 31, 2015

#M4G2015 will be in Lebanon on Nov.6th!

Move 4 Good - or M4G - for short, is "storytelling platform that showcases stories of people who have used (and still use) sports as a means to move for the good of their well-being, their families and communities. They tell their stories for inspiration, for empowerment, for resilience." #M4G2015 - yes, a hashtag - will center around an event which will take place at the Beirut Arab University. The quantity and quality of the speakers brought are indeed staggering, and they are not only local, regional but also international and of a well-respected caliber.
All these people will be on November 6 at 5 P.M. and you can witness them live and hear their stories through booking a free seat. Yes, I understand the reluctance - we are a country with no president, with a garbage crisis (literally and metaphorically), with a huge refugee problem, so who cares about sports? Perhaps, sometimes, the biggest changes come from the most personal and one-on-one initiatives. All the speakers who will be at #M4G2015 had huge adversities to beat, and so perhaps their own plight could connect with that of other individuals either in the audience or in the marathon or in Lebanon at large.
Maxime Chaya did tell us that we should all "climb (our own) Mount Everest" - to some it might mean a triathlon, to others just getting out of the house and walking on the Beirut corniche and so on and so forth. As a diabetic myself, I have to get my willpower daily to go out for a challenging walk so I know what I am saying.
Before you scream foul (good pun!) and tell me this is a paid post because I shall not be there myself (due to schedule and technical conflicts) I still see this as an opportunity for everyone to meet these fantastic people and hear their stories and feel inspired as to their achievements despite facing the most challenging odds.

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