Thursday, October 29, 2015

Balmain x H&M is not available for men in Lebanon

Now that is interesting! With the Versace collaboration being the first one to be displayed in Lebanon (back then in two shops) and all later collaborations coming our way (exclusively at ABC store), it came as a real surprise for me that H&M will not be including the men's section of the collaboration with Balmain.
I can understand that the items, already overpriced to the shopping price-savvy H&M target are even more expensive here in Lebanon, the highest of which is at 1,499,000 LBP (a 1000 USD described as: short, fitted dress in woven fabric embroidered with beads and sparkly stones with a shaped neckline, front pockets, a chunky, gold-coloured zip right down the back, shoulder pads and long sleeves with zips at the cuffs). If you consider that the aviator sunglasses are mostly male-ish in design and that the t-shirts could be considered unisex, then this could be the only haul for men from the collection.
Were the male items not selling well from the collaborations? Is this how a sign for the future at H&M? I find that very interesting from a marketing standpoint. #HMBalmanation only in female form!

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