Thursday, September 3, 2015

McCorazon de piedra?

It seems Antonio Valverde and Raquel are back - at least according to McDonalds, if you are younger than 30 these names will not resonate with you for Anta aw la a7ad was the first dubbed Mexican series which launched a frenzy in Lebanon. Lip synching was so bad, the clothes were too 80s, the whole thing was too kitsch, but everyone fell in love with it. Corazon de Piedra, the title song with Lucia Mendez on the vocals (she was also the lead actress) made a Spanish-speaker of every Lebanese (at least for the few bits people could repeat!). So now McDonald's is bringing that flavor back, if you don't get it, it means you are still young - enjoy your youth!
By the way, the same series was included in my own art project Lebanon's History Book. Here it is below:

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