Sunday, August 23, 2015

Two tribes in Lebanon's manifestations

What if I told you I have not been aware of what was going on in Lebanon till a few minutes back? What is happening? Read this link. So here's my two cents which I give you for free: Am sorry for anyone who got hurt or injured and I am sure everyone who was there manifesting was doing so for the right reasons. Good natured and hearted reasons.
We did that in 2005. Look where it got us.
"Oh but this is not political" - well, 2005 was "bon enfant" too. A bit naïve, childish. But the answer is the same: We are tribal, and we will always be so.
What does tribal mean? It means we seek refuge in those who are "like us". With those for who offer us "clientage" - the "wasta" relation. The use of the b-system for protection in exchange of political power. We all do it, do not hide behind your fingers. We are all guilty of it.
Even outside of Lebanon, the May 68 protests in France which rocked Paris ended up getting De Gaulle back with a more emboldened version of him. We all prefer "order" and "hierarchy" against change. Change is scary for all of us, so it is easier to live with a status quo - a bad status quo - than to change it. Once more, I am not doubting the original intention of the people who were manifesting, but am sure no one thought of this more than a picnic for a couple of hours.
We are tribal, and now the political system is justifying this, just look at the websites of the political parties already pointing fingers at the "fariq el akhar" (the other team or whomever does not fall into the alliances du jour which shift like moving sands) this time calling them "moundassin" (infiltrators).
We are tribals, we need that protection, it is in our genes, and deep down, we resent change.
That is the truth, we cannot argue it, and ballot boxes will justify it. 

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