Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#Bucketup - KFC goes on a civil war worth fighting in.

This campaign is a bit overdue for me to speak of, but that's because its strategy were eluding me, but sources inside Rizk Group confirmed to me that it was basically an awareness of the brand to increase traffic and basically expand which makes more sense of the social media blitz it initiated. #m7ar7ar (hot on the mouth) or #mbawarad (feeling fresh) were the instagram hashtags which people included in their posts with the buckets. Interestingly, consumers who buy a KFC meal can vote and back up their favorite team by entering their bill number on www.kfcbucketup.com and can keep track of your team’s score on KFC’s 4-story-high interactive billboard on the Zalka highway, equipped with a digital screen, connected to Instagram and the KFCBucketUp microsite. Two giant 3D buckets automatically slide up and down every time someone votes, so that consumers can back up their favorite team and see the buckets moving in real time!
Perhaps the campaign is a bit too ambitious for a brand which keeps swinging in the Lebanese market. Blogger Patrick Chemali (no relation), already has a lovely post on the things that divide us digitally, and just yesterday I spoke of how tribal we are as Lebanese, so at least this is a civil war which is fun to participate in. 
Now seriously, who on earth does not like their KFC spicy? Bfff.....

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