Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sakker el Dekkene, Nando's, and Ministry of Interior - Zabet!

Today, drivers woke up to the Sakker el Dekkene (anti-corruption NGO) stunt on cars placing "zabet" (or driving fine) on cars which are a complete spoof of our motoring registration system "nef3a" (which literally means "useful") calling it "useful not useful" (el nef3a mish nef3a). A great one indeed for April Fool's!
Interestingly, In 2008 Nando's used the zabet as well in a brilliant campaign "ma tekol zabet kol Nando's" (tekol zabet is jargon for get slapped with a fine but means "to eat a fine"), and the Ministry of Interior did it in 2009 did it too "mish akle" (not something nice to eat!) in 2009.
Copycats? Not at all, each with a different message and context!

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