Friday, January 16, 2015

Nutella, religious balance and "6 w 6 mkarrar"

Photo credit Rania el Khatib

For those who do not know the law that governs religious balance in Lebanon is known as"6 w 6 mkarrar" - meaning 6 and 6 repeated and was initiated during the French mandate whereby 6 representatives would be chosen for the Christians and then 6 for the Moslems and so on... Not only did Nutella prove to be a bad case of "me too" following the success of the Coca-Cola can branding, but now in their billboards they segregated the names of the customized jars of Nutella - on one billboard purely Christian names (Rita, Tony, Charbel - all of them saints) and on the other 3 Moslem names (Sarah, Hassan Ahmad). Dear Nutella, when in a hole, stop digging!

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