Saturday, January 3, 2015

Nadim Karam's Daroun Harissa house

Elie Abi Hanna for the Wall Street Journal
On Dec. 31st, the Wall Street Journal ran an article about architect-artist Nadim Karam's renovated house in Daroun Harissa, considering I live 2 minutes away I had the interest of sharing this experiment of how houses can be restored without much external fuss (actually I ran into Nadim a year back and asked the same question mentioned in the article "is that it?" - knowing what kind of architecture he does I expect modern additions and he answered with a smile "yes, this is it!").
On this blog, I have previously mentioned another Karam house which combines an old house and a very modernistic street fa├žade.
My village, despite some eyesores here and there, is populated with relatively well preserved residences. Last year, I had about half a dozen offers from location scouts, producers and directors wanting to use my own house either as exterior shots or as main location for TV programs (think of all last year's major hits and basically I was offered to be the location). Considering I am in the industry, I know how much damage they can do while shooting... So I declined.
Going back to the main issue though, I pride myself of being one of the first people who wrote about Nadim ever since he did his first exhibition in Lebanon (T-races at the Sursock Museum and still hold a copy of that article in my archives).

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