Monday, January 5, 2015

2000th POST, 8th year of blogging.

On January 11th 2007 was the first post (it landed many people in hot water, but it also set the tone for the whole blog). Actually I never celebrated the blog's birthday but rather focused on the 500th, 1000th and 1500th posts. I come from a journalistic background and posts are fully developed articles for me, so that's a whooping 2000 articles for you. And this 2000th post only comes a few days before my 8th year of blogging, which makes it a double whammy I guess. As of late I have been posting a bit less enthusiastically, for several reasons: There's precious few happening in the market, there's less interest from my part to squander energy on a market which has no issue with copycats, but also because I am having such a blast on Instagram where I release my artistic archive!
Still, this is a double celebration, pity I am diabetic for cakes.... The precise motto of my work I have found on Bill Durmmond's "10 commandments of art":
Don’t stand on the outside looking in, stand on the outside looking further out. 

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