Friday, August 1, 2014

Lebanese Army - is it a faux pas?

Before I start getting the backlash, I wish to emphasize that not only was I previously in the Lebanese Army (as a lieutenant during my military service) but that later I was responsible for some of their ads and know how difficult it is to come up with new themes year after year for them.
Today, August 1st is army day, and more than ever we need their presence and actions and rally around them. But their ad this year, felt pompous with the "we are the right and people's hope" - the "we" bit ruined it all. The ad felt very self-praising, aggrandizing, and haughty.
It's a pity considering they produced some incredible gems in the past  and here I am thinking of "min al el dam ma bye2leb may" (who said blood does not turn into water?) which is a take on the local proverb "blood does not turn into water" (which emphasizes family ties) but in their case it was about the many casualties they suffered in southern Lebanon while still being able to get water after Israel's withdrawal (the visual was that of former Lebanese president Emile Lahoud drinking from the said water from what was now a liberated land).
Perhaps next year's ad will go back to a better tone. Till then, all best wishes to the army.

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